Laser Pointers and Finger LEDS
Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 09:10AM
Kossover, Zeke


Amazon more or less doens't sell laser pointers any more as they had issues with sellers violating FDA rules on power. To get them now, you will have to find your own way. Laserponiter Pro seems like an okay source, but they also sell crazy, dangerous laser pointers. Stick to 5 mW and less to be safe and realize that even then, no one is certifiying that the laser are low power. Keep the spots moving and make sure that the beam never goes into an eye. Watch for mirrored surfaces.

Small LEDs though have become easy and cheap. In addition to making your own, LEDs finger toys are pretty common and work fine. Amazon sells a color assortment of red, blue, green, and white lot of 100 for under $11 plus shipping. Check out


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